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Available Deer Stands
The Executive:
This stand has it all! This stand features a heated and carpeted interior complete with table and chair. There are sliding windows on this stand with insulated paneled walls and a shingled roof. Portable 14 Foot Stands These stands feature decks with handrails. Wood Stands 4 Foot by 4 Foot decks with chairs, sides and rails. Ladder Stands.


Local Processing Available
You can do it yourself, or we can do it for a fee of $10.00. Coolers and freezers are available for free. Processing
We can cut, grind and wrap your deer for $55.00 having it ready for transport home. Sausage making is available as well.

The rustle of the trees in the wind, the snort of that big buck and your heart feels like its going to come out of your chest... 

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Although patience is the name of the game when you want that big one, when you hunt with The Whiskey Shack, we place you in an active area, with a stand that will not only be comfortable, but give you the opportunity to achieve your goal of getting that big buck...the rest is up to you.

You have 300 acres of prime hunting land to hunt either deer, and ruffled grouse on. You will experience the hunt of a life time in an area that boast large trophy whitetail deer. We provide the stands. Call to reserve your hunt today!

Whitetail Deer $500.00 per. Person  Per. Season
Ruffled Grouse  $250.00 per. Day

Visit the Minnesota DNR web site for more information on hunting regulations and to apply for all your licenses.

We offer hunting on over 300 acres of private land for $500.00 (not including lodging or license fees). Limited spots are available so it is best to reserve your trip early.

We are very pleased with our strong success rate, but remember: The Minnesota white tail deer can be very secretive and shy when it comes to hunting them, but when they come out, oh the excitement!

The beauty of northern Minnesota, along with your hosts, Rick and Sheila Reinarz, will give you a hunting experience to remember.

Come to beautiful northern Minnesota to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and see a variety of wildlife while you wait for the elusive black bear... and when he comes in you'll feel the excitement of the hunt!

There are ample places to hunt with the many miles of logging trails, some that have been closed to motorized vehicles. We spend a lot of time in the woods. We take extensive notes on where there is grouse and grouse habitat. Then, we sit down with our guests and show them on topo and forestry maps where those areas are. We pride ourselves on the excellent service we provide to our hunters.


The grouse count has been on the increase the last few years - with last year turning out to be a good year.

Hunting Season usually starts the 3rd week of September.  The last week of September through later October is typically our best hunting time for grouse, we pre-scout areas for our guests.

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Rick & Sheila Reinarz
28510 Hwy. 71 NE
Blackduck, Minnesota 56630
Cell: 218.766.9667
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